Women Who Love Too Much

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About the Author:

This book is written by Robin Norwood who is a licensed marriage & family therapist who worked in the field of addiction for 15 years. Her books have been translated into over 30 languages & continue to sell worldwide.

‘Women who love too much’ was a no.1 seller on ‘The New York Times’ best seller list with over 3 million copies in print worldwide.

Summary of the Book:

When we talk about women who love too much, what we really mean is that these women develop obsessive feelings for men & then wrongly label these obsessions as love. Even when these women understand that their obsession is having a negative impact on their own emotional well-being, they still can’t let it go. These type of women equate feelings of love with feelings of pain and they falsely believe that ‘the more the love hurts, the more genuine the love is’ .

They usually fall for emotionally unavailable men who are either married to someone else or are alcoholics/drug addicts. The reason for this obsession is often connected to their tragic childhood. Typically these women grow up with no emotional support from their fathers. Therefore they go through their romantic lives constantly seeking men with same emotional coldness or unavailability because subconsciously they want to put right what was so horribly wrong in their childhood.

In order to numb their deepest childhood issues & distract themselves, some of them get addicted to drugs, alcohol or sugary foods. They also feel guilty, ashamed & full of self disgust. As their negative feelings intensify, they become even more desperate for the sense of reassurance that a romantic relationship promises to provide. With its negative implications on women mental health & well being, this obsession is like a disease that can quickly take over their lives.

According to the author, seeking help from a therapist will help you to let go of this obsession & recover. Believing in oneself & putting one’s own need first, is the 1st step towards healing & recovery.

Nurturing self worth will enable you to find appropriate partners who are stable, loving & interested in you. Having the bravery & courage to change will lead you to new life of genuine love.

Why should you read this book?

This is one of the best self improvement & awareness books for women who always find themselves in disturbingly dramatic relationships. This book will make you realise that meaningful connections are grounded in mutual respect, affection & companionship. It will lead you to the self love journey of self discovery. It will change the dynamics within your relationships & help you in emotional healing & figuring out your path to self contentment.

This book is also great for parents because it makes you understand that how badly parents’ behaviour can hurt or shape children & in turn affects their perception towards relationships. It helps you to identify the true origin of the patterns of hurt in your life.

This book will tell you ‘Why & how to deeply & passionately love yourself’.

-Dr Suman Mahi

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