Important facts about “Suicide”

Every year one million people commit suicide, accounting for 1 to 2 percent of total global mortality. Suicide is a leading cause of premature death, especially among young adults.

  • Suicide is usually Preceded by years of suicidal behavior, plans & warnings.
  • In about half of suicides, a previous attempt is found in person’s history.
  • Male suicide attempts are more violent & first attempts are more likely to end in death.
  • Hanging is most common suicide method globally.
  • Suicide Rate :
    1. Male > Female ( China is the only exception with a very high female suicide rate. )
    2. Elderly > Younger
    3. Unmarried/ Separated/ Divorced > Married
  • Suicides are seen as a disturbance of a relationship between society & individuals.
  • Relatives of patients who commit suicide are more likely (30-50%) to commit suicide.
  • Family, twin, and adoption studies support a genetic contribution to suicidal behaviour.
  • Genes with increased vulnerability :
    1. Tryptophan Hydroxylase 1 (TPH 1) gene.
    2. Serotonin Transporter (5HTTLPR) gene.
  • Imitation : Learning the use of specific suicide method from a model which is overtly available in culture, community or mass media.
    So, we should behave responsibly while talking and discussing about Suicide.


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