The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

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About the Author:

This book is written by Deepak Chopra who is an Indian American author & alternative medicine advocate. He is a prominent figure in the New Age movement. His books & videos have made him one of the best known & wealthiest figure in alternative medicine. He has written over 91 books. Out of which 21 have been translated into 43 languages. His book ‘The seven spiritual laws of success’ was on ‘The New York Times’ Best Seller list for 72 weeks.

Summary of the Book:

We all want success but are unaware of the way to success. Success actually depends on factors much deeper & more spiritual. These all elements are summed up in this book.

This book describes the seven laws including the law of true potentiality, giving, Karma, least efforts, intention and desire, detachment & law of Dharma to be implemented in life to find spiritual success.

The author says that we can find our true self & unlock the potential to fulfil our life’s desires if we dissolve the ego. We should learn to accept the situation instead of fighting with the problem & save energy by practising defencelessness.

According to the book, we should trust the universe & detach ourselves from the material possessions as they can never provide safety or security. Real security can only be achieved by recognising our trueselves.

We should focus on positive thinking to improve the quality of life as positive thoughts are part of infinite field of potential energy that affects the universe around us. We can discover our life’s purpose by helping others & lead a purposeful existence. So, it is never too late to recognise your life’s purpose & plug into the endless source of energy that the universe provides.

“Ask not what the universe can do for you but what you can do for the universe”.

Why should you read this book?

It’s a thought provoking powerful book to read & learn true potentiality of life. This book pushes you into a journey starting from inner potentiality to the place where you desire yourself to be.

If you are feeling low in life, this book will help in inspiring & awakening you. The book is clear & concise and contains some great concepts which help you to grow spiritually. The content is easy to read & digest. It could be a good starting book for any beginner in both reading & learn spirituality. The laws are simple to implement, but spiritually enlightening at the same time.

I have certainly found a spiritual way to find success. I hope you will find the same after reading this book.

-Dr Suman Mahi

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