Study Tips For Students

1. Planning:

Plan a study schedule that you can stick to. During this time, work at it instead of talking to friends or watching T.V.
If you study hard during your scheduled times, you will find that you have plenty of time for your friends, mobile or T.V. later.

2. Rehearsal:

Rehearsal is crucial for transferring information from short-term to long-term memory.

Types of Rehearsal:

(i) Maintenance Rehearsal:

It consists of merely repeating information.

(ii) Elaborative Rehearsal:

It consists of thinking about what is being rehearsed in an effort to relate to other things you know.
So, you should spend a great deal of your time in elaborative rehearsal.
Ask yourself what you have just read, what the new concepts and terms are & how they relate to other thing you know.
You should spend at least half of your study time in such rehearsal.

3. Feedback:

Divide the material you study into parts & try to get some feedback after you study each part.
Using the headings as retrieval cues, ask yourself what is under each heading.
Feedback will tell you both what you have mastered and where you are weak.

4. Review Before an Examination:

πŸ‘‰You must have forgotten many of the details you learned earlier.
“Do not panic”. Go back over the things you have forgotten, relearn them the way you learned them in 1st place.

πŸ‘‰Revise the subjects according to the type of examinations.
Do not waste your time in unnecessary detailing.

πŸ‘‰Focus on most common topics seen in previous exams. Rare topics are rarely seen in exams. Read them only if you have enough time.

Lastly, Enter the Examination hall with a smile.

No exam can decide your future.

Just show them, how beautifully you behave in stressful situations.

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