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Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia)

Social Anxiety Disorder is characterized by intense, persistent fear of being scrutinized or evaluated negatively by others.

These patients usually avoid many social situations like social gathering, oral presentations, meeting new people etc to prevent themselves from distress.

***Shyness is the core symptom of Social Anxiety Disorder.

In Social Phobia, the capacity to enjoy oneself remains & energy levels are not significantly impaired.


12 month Prevalence of Social Anxiety Disorders = 0.2% to 6.8%.

Onset : Begins to develop later in childhood showing steep increase in incidence in early adolescence.

Social Phobia vs Panic Disorder:

Some patients with Social Phobia experience panic attacks, but these should be distinguished from Panic Disorder, as in Social Phobia, the attacks occur expectedly in feared situations. Furthermore, in Panic Disorder, presence of a friend typically provide some reassurance, but in Social Phobia, this makes little difference.


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