Sexual Dysfunctions

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Substance/ Medication Induced Sexual Dysfunction

(I) Substance / Alcohol Induced Sexual Dysfunctions: Initially, many substances enhance sexual performance by decreasing inhibition or anxiety. But with continued use erection, orgasm & ejaculation become impaired. Most of the substance abusers have spent crucial developmental years under the influence of a substance. So, they lack the experience that would have enabled them to …

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Other Sexual Dysfunctions due to Genereal Medical Conditions

Dyspareunia due to a Genereal Medical Condition: About 30% of all surgical procedures on the female genital area can result in temporary dyspareunia. Other Causes are: Irritated or infected hymenal remanants Episiotomy scars Bartholin gland infection Vaginitis & Cervicitis Adenomycosis Vulvar vestibulitis Interstitial cystitis ***Sometimes dyspareunia can be seen in men. It is usually associated …

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Male Erectile Disorder due to a General Medical Condition

20-50% of men with eractile disorder have an organic basis. Medical Disorders associated with Male Erectile Disorder: Cardiovascular Diseases 1. Atherosclerotic Disease2.Aortic Aneurysm3. Leriche Syndrome4. Cardiac Failure Renal & Urological Disorders 1. Peyronie disese2. Chronic Renal Failure3. Varicocele4. Hydrocele Liver Disorders Cirrhosis Pulmonary Disorders Respiratory Failure Endocrine Disorders 1. Diabetes Mellitus2. Addison’s Disease3. Hyperthyroidism4. Myxedema5. …

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Sexual Pain Disorders

(I) Genito-Pelvic Pain/ Penetration Disorder: Females with genito pelvic pain/ penetration disorder present with the following chief complaints: Difficulty having intercourse Genito-Pelvic pain Fear of pain or penetration Tension of the pelvic floor muscles may last for several hours. Aetiology: History of rape/ childhood trauma Strict religious upbringing in which patient associates sex with sin …

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Orgasm Disorders

(I) Female Orgasmic Disorder (Inhibited Female Orgasm or Anorgasmia): It is defined as a women’s inability to achieve orgasm by masturbation or coitus. Classifcation: 1. Lifelong Female Orgasmic Disorder: Patients with lifelong female orgasmic disorder have never experienced orgasm by any kind of stimulation. It is more common among unmarried than married women. 2. Acquired …

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Sexual Dysfunctions: Classification

Sexual dysfunctions can be categorized into following Categories: A. Desire, Interest & Arousal Disorders: Male Hyoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Female Sexual Interest/ Arousal Disorder Male Eractile Disorder B. Orgasm Disorders: Female Orgasmic Disorder Delayed Ejaculation Premature Ejaculation Orgasmic Anhedonia C. Sexual Pain Disorders: Genito-Pelvic/ Penetration Disorder: (a) Dyspareunia (b) Vaginismus Post Coital Headache D. Sexual …

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Sexual Dysfunctions : Aetiology

Sexual Dysfunction refers to a person’s inability to participate in a sexual relationship as he or she would wish. Diagnosis of sexual dysfunction is made when the symptoms persist for at least 6 months, experienced on almost all (75-100%) of sexual encounters & cause clinically significant distress in the individual. Epidemiology Transient sexual difficulties are …

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