Schizophrenia: Prognosis

Schizophrenia is associated with reduced life expectancy by as much as 20 %. They have higher mortality rate from accidents & natural causes than the general population. This higher rate may be due to the fact that the diagnosis & treatment of medical and surgical conditions in Schizophrenic patients can be challenging.

Remission Rates:

  1. 20-30% of all schizophrenic patients can lead somewhat normal life.
  2. 20-30% patients continue to experience moderate symptoms.
  3. 40-60% patients remain significantly impaired for their entire lives.

Good Prognostic Factors:

  1. Acute Onset.
  2. Female Sex.

Poor Prognostic Factors:

  1. Insidious Onset.
  2. Early age Onset.
  3. Poor premorbid Conditions.
  4. Cognitive Impairment.


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