Depression: Comorbidity

Patients with depression are at increased risk of having one or more comorbid disorders.

1. Anxiety Disorders:

Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder & Post traumatic stress disorder often coexist with depression. Anxiety disorders usually predates the onset of the depressive disorder. Therefore, targeting young people with anxiety disorders could be a major step towards prevention of development of depression.

2. Substance Use Disorders:

Substance abuse may be involved in precipitating an episode of depression or may represent patients’ attempt to treat their depression.

Alcohol dependence frequently coexist with depression. It is more strongly associated with depression in women than in men.

Depressed patients often use stimulants such as cocaine, marijuana and amphatamines to relieve their depression.

3. Physical Disorders:

Depression is usually comorbid with medical conditions, especially in older persons. Treatment of comorbid depression can improve the course of underlying medical disorders like diabetes, cancer etc.


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