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This website is developed for all those who want to know anything about Mind. This will also be useful for Medical and Psychiatry Residents who want to revise their topics in a very short time. We are working hard to include all the topics & at the same time making them interesting.

Dr Rajiv Mahi

MBBS, MD Psychiatry (Founder)

Hi, I’m Dr Rajiv Mahi, a Psychiatrist by profession & a student by heart.

I know the value of learning. Throughout my life i have learnt a lot from my respected teachers. My teacher Dr Balwant Singh Sidhu and my senior Dr Rajdip Barman & my junior Dr Mehak are one of those who have taught me a lot during my Psychiatry residency in Rajindra Hospital, Patiala. I have learnt life lessons from some Spiritual Gurus and also from my patients during practice. I have started working on this website in August 2020 to share my little knowledge with all of you so that we can learn more about our mind and Psychiatric illnesses & make a world where each one can empathize with others. As I have Already said I am still a student, I need your suggestions to make this blog more knowledgeable and interesting.

Dr Suman Mahi

MBBS, EMOC (Co-Founder)

Hi, I’m Dr Suman Mahi, a Doctor by profession & a Book Lover by heart.

Being doctor is a great opportunity. As a doctor, you can understand yourself better. Also during this journey, you are always surrounded by a lot of books. So, reading habit comes naturally in a doctor. While reading my course books, I also went through some life changing books that actually changed me as a person. I have seen a lot of persons who are suffering from physical illnesses because of their poor dietary habits & life styles. In my opinion, a few modifications in a person’s life style can improve his/her physical as well as mental health. As, my life has changed after reading some great books, I want to share all these books with all of you. As a doctor & as a book lover, I also want to share some health related tips which will further improve your physical & mental Health. I hope you would like our new initiative & help us to make it better.


63 L, Model Town, Ambala City (134003), Haryana, India.

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