Boost your Confidence

Your success will be determined by your own Confidence & Fortitude.”

-Michelle Obama

What is confidence?

Confidence means trusting and believing your own self and being sure about your own abilities and opinions.

Why Confidence is important?

Self -Confidence is important to both our physical health and our psychological well being. Confidence helps you to know your worth, makes you more believable and attractive. It makes your communication skills better thus helps you feel accomplished and successful.

How to feel Confident?

1. Be Positive:

You win half of your battle if you are confident. Lack of confidence at work, in public speaking or in meeting new people creates negative impact.

First of all, Stop thinking negative and Be Optimistic. Say to yourself ‘Yes,I can do it.’ Always expect a positive outcome.

2. Love Yourself:

There is no such thing like perfect. In fact imperfections make you unique. Be your own Best friend and your own critic. But don’t forget to love your own being even with flaws.

3. Be Presentable:

Being presentable doesn’t mean that you should wear expensive clothes.

A fit body and positive mind gives you confidence and there is nothing more impressive than a great attitude which you can wear on your sleeve.

4. Self Analysis:

Analyse and Evaluate Yourself.

If you want to improve your personality, look for the qualities which according to you are lacking in you and start working towards it. If you think your introvert nature restricts you from being social, then start meeting new people. Listen to them and put forth your ideas too.

Stop comparing yourself to anyone else. You might have the qualities which others might be lacking. Confidence is not ‘They will like me’, Confidence is ‘I ‘ll be fine if they don’t.’

5. Challenge Yourself:

Set goals and challange yourself to achieve that goals. Confidence comes from constant work, dedication, discipline and training.

6. Stop Feeling Guilty:

Self guilt and fear of failures breaks your confidence. Let go fear of failures.

Take responsibility of your failures & start learning from your failures. Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.

Be ready to face your fears.

7. Never Doubt Yourself:

Self- doubt kills more dreams than failures ever will.

Convert your weaknesses into your strengths. When you believe yourself, you are more likely to get new opportunities.

8. Set Small Goals to achieve Bigger Goal:

As John Heywood said ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ So it needs time to create and achieve things.

Imagine where you want to be in future and work hard to achieve your goals. But first of all  focus on short term goals which you can achieve easily in a few days.  Achieving these smaller goals will boost your Confidence & give you enthusiasm for setting and achieving next goals.

At the end, do not waste your time in doing things which other people are doing just to become famous or rich. Start doing things which you love the most. This will give you Happiness and Confidence at the same time.

“Experience tells you what to do, Confidence allows you to do it.”

Stan Smith

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