Atomic Habits

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About the Author:

James Clear is a writer & speaker focussed on habits, decision making & continuous improvement.

During childhood, while playing he was hit in the face with a baseball bat. In a fraction of seconds, he had a broken nose, multiple skull fractures & shattered eye sockets & then he slipped into coma.

Soon, he recovered from his injury. But, life after that incidence was not smooth. James had double vision for weeks. At times, he felt depressed.

But it was the beginning when he discovered the power of small habits.

Summary of the Book:

In the book ‘Atomic Habits’, James Clear explains the benefits of small habits in improving our lives. Just as atoms are building blocks of molecules, atomic habits are the building blocks of remarkable results.

According to author, motivation is overrated, it is actually the habit which leads us to the success. Habit is behaviour which is repeated multiple times to become automatic so that we could solve the problems of life with little efforts.

The best way to start a new habit is pairing it with a current habit. For example, ‘After I sit down to dinner, I will say I am grateful for that happened today’. And the best way to eliminate a bad habit is to reduce exposure to the cue that causes it. For example, ‘If you are wasting too much time watching television, move the TV out of the bedroom.’

According to the author, to build a habit, we should make it attractive. The more attractive a task is, the more likely it is to become habit-forming. Also, repeating a task multiple times is far more important than the amount of time spent on that particular task.

One more thing author wants to explain that with our bad habits (e.g. addiction), the immediate outcome is usually enjoyable but the ultimate outcome is bad. On the other hand, with good habits, the immediate outcome is unenjoyable but the ultimate outcome is good. So, if we want to change bad habits, we should add a little bit immediate rewards to good habits & a little bit of immediate pain to the bad habits.

It is too difficult to summarise the whole book on a single page. So, get up & start reading the “Atomic Habits”.

Why should you read this book?

I would recommend this book to anybody who is looking for the answers to the following questions:

  1. How to build habits in simple steps?
  2. How habits help in saving our time?
  3. Why do motivational videos don’t work for longer duration?
  4. Why do fat people don’t loose weight even after following a lot of diet plans?
  5. Why do we indulge in bad habits very easily?
  6. Why quitting smoking is difficult & what is the better way to get rid of this?
  7. Why most of the people who want to read a lot of books, do not succeed in making it a habit?
  8. How to stop procrastinating?
  9. How to make good habits more attractive ?
  10. Which is more important in deciding your destiny: Hard-work or Genes?
  11. How to stay motivated when we get bored working on a goal?

Do you know creating good habits has adverse effects 😲😲😲 too ???

If you want to know how, then you should definitely read this book.

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